A 32-Year-Old Former College Student In NYC Is Refusing To Leave Her Dorm Because She Simply Refuses

The 32-year-old student says she’s maintaining two jobs while living in the dorms. And she plans to continue living there and wants to eventually complete her degree.

The lawsuit, however, alleges in the fall of 2016, a Hunter College official settled with Palmer an agreement that she could remain a resident in their 25th Street dorm if she paid off her course fees at the time and re-enrolled in courses.

The school claims Palmer had “neither paid of off her balance, nor

had she enrolled in any courses.” They’re now seeking to evict her within 30 days.

A Hunter College spokesperson told BuzzFeed News while they “cannot comment on a specific legal action … Hunter is committed to giving priority to our current student body.”

“Dorm rooms are a very important resource for a commuter school,” they added.

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