You Can Now Bookmark Tweets Privately To Read Later And People Are Excited

“Found something historic? Don’t want to forget a joke? Article that you want to read later? Save the tweet with Bookmarks, and come back to it whenever you want. Only you can see your bookmarks,” Twitter announced.

But it’s only available if you’re using Twitter’s iOS app, Android app, Twitter Lite, or viewing Twitter from a mobile browser. The desktop version of Twitter won’t have the bookmarks feature. Twitter did not immediately respond to request for comment about why that is.

The envelope allowed you to DM tweets to people (including yourself) or share them via email and text. Twitter’s Share button appears as the typical sharing logos on iOS and Android.

Now you won’t be faving things that you don’t actually like or DMing them to yourself in some dual-personality meme chain.

According to Twitter product manager Jesar Shah, who wrote Twitter’s blog post, a lot of people in Japan have been asking for the feature for quite some time.

Shah created a Twitter Moment giving a glimpse into the process of creating the bookmark feature, which she first called #SaveForLater.

Twitter in Japan and Japanese Twitter users were particularly involved with the creation of the feature — the company’s tweets asking for feedback on the feature racked up hundreds of retweets.

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