These College Girls Say They Exchanged Nude Pics For A Puppy And People Are Losing It

The four girls, who are all freshman, live together in San Antonio, Texas. One of the roommates, Courtaney, told BuzzFeed News they have wanted a dog for a while.

So, when her roommate Alyson saw a friend from back home selling nine husky puppies online, she asked him how much they were.

The friend, a guy named Christian, said a pretty predictable boy response: “Send nudes.”

He then followed it up with a denial he actually sent the text, saying that it was his friend.

Courtaney explained that Maria had been sent nude photos by a friend of hers, who asked her to look through the photos and pick which one she looked her best in (girl friends are the best).

Courtaney said the dog is technically Alyson’s, but they are all able to cuddle and play with him, of course.

She added at first her roommate was “freaking out” that she was going to get expelled for the tweet, but they have all since calmed down and accepted it.

They now have an attitude of “haters gonna hate,” she said.

“Thats just how the internet works,” she said.

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