17 Ways To Get Rid Of That Weird Smell In Your Home

“I think the real issue is that lots of people don’t use their vent hoods as much as they should, or have shitty ones. Some people’s houses I go to always smell like food even though they haven’t been cooking because they never suck out odors and stuff after/during cooking. If getting better hardware (better vent, cutting holes in the house) is not an option, then you can open windows. Yeah, sucks to have your cold or hot air get blown away, but at least your house won’t smell? What I did when I lived in a shitty apartment was open my window and use a fan to blow air out for like 30 min straight just so I didn’t have to have the place smell. Basically, get your old air out and bring some fresh air in, use your judgement and figure out what’s best for you.”


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